About Us - Ratio 1.61 Gym
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About Us

http://makse.com/?kremel=farmers-dating-site-founder&586=4e Ratio One.61

view publisher site is based off the Golden Ratio, which is 1.61.   This number is synonymous with everything you see in the world and in the universe.  Its what makes things symmetrical and beautiful.

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great online dating ads It applies to everything from the digits on your fingers to how evenly spaced out they are, its the proportions in your body that every human eye can look at and think automatically your body is ideally perfect for you.


rencontres internationales de la santУЉ ubifrance A quick rule of thumb would be to measure the circumference of your shoulders and the circumference of your waist, divide the two numbers.  The closer you are to 1.61, the more proportionate and ideally perfect you will look.  This goes for everything.. Bicep to forearm, quad to calf, etc..

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rencontres adultes hУЉrault Ratio One.61 is about symmetry and perfection.  Its about us being as perfect as a gym can be to give you the best opportunity and tools available to meet the standard you see for yourself.  Over the last 4 years we’ve expanded as a gym to meet every persons needs.  From personal training, to the best isolation equipment, and the best cross training equipment across the board.  Offering kids rooms, ice baths, saunas, tanning beds, showers, locker rooms, and the ONLY 24/7 gym to offer all these things including 24/7 tanning!

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sites de rencontres amicales algerie We are about being innovative.  We want to always have the newest and best equipment, we want to offer everything with the most convenience and most affordable pricing.  Ratio aims to be number 1 and set the standard for everyone else.

FOR INFO CALL: (915) 401-5923



Rowing Machines


Air Bike Elite




Square feet


Samson Isolation Equipment


Jacob Ladders


Stair Master


Air Runners